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The Real Estate Appraisal Experts 

At Tuccitto Appraisal, we conduct Appraisals on homes/land in WI and MN. We have been active in the Real Estate industry for 20+ years.

Our firm is licensed, insured, and (FHA)-certified. We are experienced in providing accurate, well-documented appraisals for all real estate issues, such as mortgage refinance, purchase, divorce settlement, estate sale, and tax appeals.

What Sets Us Apart From the Rest 

Our team is adept at providing reasonable and supported appraisal values, as well as acknowledging the most recent trends within the market.

Let us help you get the most accurate picture of your property’s value. Our rates are affordable and our level of expertise and dedication to customer service can’t be matched. 

Contact us today to schedule an appraisal!

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